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    100 Million Minutes Update
    by James Wakeland (Staff) - Sunday, 11 March 2018, 6:19 PM

    So many children have really been getting stuck into their reading minutes.  Click on the picture below for an update:

    World Book Day
    by James Wakeland (Staff) - Thursday, 8 March 2018, 5:27 PM

    Y1-Y6 classes can come to school in their World Book Day costumes tomorrow (09/03/18). We look forward to seeing what book character they are.

    School Dinners - Monday (05/03/18)
    by James Wakeland (Staff) - Friday, 2 March 2018, 9:23 AM

    School dinners on Monday 5th March 2018 will be:

    Cheese and tomato parcel, chips and sweetcorn


    Cheesy Pasta


    Fruit Salad

    We will text out on Monday if there are any other changes to school dinners for the forthcoming week.





    School Closure - Friday (02/03/18)
    by James Wakeland (Staff) - Friday, 2 March 2018, 6:26 AM

    Following a site visit this morning, Sutton Road Primary will unfortunately remain closed today as it is still unsafe due to adverse weather conditions.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes & thank you for your continued support.

    School Site - Friday (2/3/18)
    by James Wakeland (Staff) - Thursday, 1 March 2018, 8:42 PM

    We have been out to inspect the school site tonight to assess whether we can open on Friday (02/03/18). However, with snow forecast this evening up until 9pm and strong winds potentially leading to further drifting of existing snow cover, we have decided that an inspection of the site again on Friday at 6am is needed.  A decision will then be made and communicated out via text as to whether we are open or closed.