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    Nicola Davies

    Executive Head Teacher / Senior Designated Person for Child Protection / Assessment and Monitoring Leader

    Anita Mehan

    Head of School / Curriculum Coordinator

    Sally Harvey

    Executive Inclusion Leader

    James Wakeland

    Assistant Head Teacher / Year 2 Teacher / English Leader / Computing Leader

    Kate Evans

    Assistant Head Teacher / Early Years Foundation Stage Coordinator / Phonics Leader / Music Coordinator

    Heather Mitchell

    Assistant Head Teacher / Year 6 Teacher / Maths Leader / Reading Leader

    Eliza Blakeley

    Assistant Head Teacher / Year 6 Class Teacher / SENCO / Line Manager of P.E.

    Helen Baines

    Year 3 Class Teacher/ Art & Design Coordinator / NQT Mentor / Attendance Leader

    Megan Hughes

    Foundation 1 Teacher 

    Rebecca Routledge

    Foundation 2 Teacher / Science Coordinator

    Lauren Carey

    Foundation 2 Teacher / Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator

    Natalie Bradwell

    Year 1 Class Teacher / History Coordinator

    Ellie Baker

    Year 1 Class Teacher

    Alison Smith

    Year 1 Class Teacher / EVC Coordinator / Design & Technology Coordinator

    Michelle Baillie

    Year 2 Class Teacher / KS1 Leader / Teaching & Learning Mentor / Phonics Coordinator

    Helen Baines

    Year 3 Class Teacher / Senior Leader / Art Coordinator / Writing

    Andrea Bunting

    Year 3 Class Teacher

    Laura Ballard

    Year 4 Class Teacher / SEAL Coordinator

    Eleanor Plume

    Year 4 Class Teacher / Joint P.E. Coordinator

    Adam Rathe

    Year 5 Class Teacher / R.E. Coordinator

    Adam Dugdale

    Year 5 Class Teacher / Joint P.E. Coordinator

    Julia Tessyman

    Reading Recovery Teacher

    Andrea Grimshaw

    Part-Time PPA Cover

    Jane Daltry

    Part-time PPA cover

    Sally Evans

    Part-time PPA cover

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      Hannah Thompson 

      Jayne Barton (Teaching Assistant, Foundation Stage Unit)

      Helen Beardah (First Aid at Work trained)

      Claire Beecroft

      Joanna Birbeck (supply)

      Helen Darwood-Brown

      Joanne Davis

      Deborah Hawkins

      Ruth Henshaw (Reading Support / Teaching Assistant)

      Melanie Hickman (Teaching Assistant, Foundation Stage Unit)

      Jo Kirkham

      Charlie Winfield (Reading Support)

      Carly Matthews

      Chris Radcliffe

      Melanie Alsop

      Rebecca Russon

      Carly Swain

      Tracey Toon (Teaching Assistant, Foundation Stage Unit)

      Lynne White

      Lucy Winfield

      Marie Young

      Nicola Cox

      Kasia Kudo (supply)

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        Sally-Anne Moorcroft

        Business Manager

        Julie Thompson

        Clerical Assistant

        Marie Hickling

        Clerical Assistant

        Donna Witton

        Administrative Support Assistant

        Helen Darwood-Brown

        Clerical Assistant

        Kim Sanders

        Admin Apprentice

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          Joanne Angela

          Family and Community Engagement Leader

          Paul Scattergood

          Technical Support & Communications Officer

          David Kemp

          Art & Display Technician

          Tracy Mullaney

          Executive Personal Assistant

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            Julie Webster (Senior MDSA)

            Sarah Booth

            Jane Cullen

            Sonia Harwood

            Toni Hodgkins

            Claire Meade

            Sarah Meszaros

            Denise Newton

            Keeley Plant

            Helen Shepherd

            Charlotte Smith

            Deborah Taylor

            Samantha Utting

            Lynne White

            Charlie Winfield

            Karen Wozney

            Hayley Gelsthorpe (Supply)

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              Anne Berridge (Cook-in-Charge)

              Jackie Lapko (Dining Room Assistant)

              Claire Paige (Dining Room Assistant)

              Susan Ellis (Dining Room Assistant)

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                Ian Bishop (Site Manager)

                Steven Henshaw (Site Assistant)

                Karen Wozny (Cleaner)

                Deb Taylor (Cleaner)

                Donna Witton (Cleaner)

                Emma Wright (Cleaner)

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                  Lucy Winfield (Breakfast & After School Club Leader)

                  Julie Webster (Breakfast & After School Club Play-worker)

                  Sonia Harwood (Breakfast & After School Club Play-worker)

                  Lynne White (After School Club Play-worker)

                  Charlie Winfield (After School Club Play-worker)