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Mansfield Town Football in the Community - Penalty Shoot-Out
by James Wakeland (Staff) - Sunday, 9 July 2017, 5:00 PM

Stags Football in the community penalty shoot-out will be taking place on Monday (10/07/17) and Tuesday (11/07/17) this week.

Monday's sessions will be for Morning Nursery, year 3 (3RR/3HB), 4 (4LB/4EP), 5 (5AD/5AR) and year 6 (6EP/6HM) children.

Tuesday's sessions will be for Afternoon Nursery, Foundation 2 classes (F2LC, F2RR and F2KE), year 1 (1AS/1NB), and year 2 (2MB/2JW) children.

Sponsorship money needs to be in by Tues 18th July 2017.  Click on the MTFC logo below to see what prizes you could get: