School News

Additional Closure Day
by James Wakeland (Staff) - Thursday, 7 December 2017, 7:56 PM

Dear Parents / Carers,

The Governors of Sutton Road Primary School and Nursery would like to inform you of the need for an additional closure day to be taken on Friday 22nd December for the academic year of 2017-18. This means school will be closed to your children on that day.

The reason for the request is complex but necessary.  At the end of this term, 13 of our classes will need to move to another classroom in a different building: 3 classes currently based in KS1 will be moving back to their previous classrooms; 4 of our KS1 classes will be moving back into their old building and 5 KS2 classes will then be moved into the new building, in order for work to commence in KS2 upstairs to remove the radiators and ensure the heating system is fully working.

Unfortunately, this movement has to take place on the same day (as rooms will be unavailable until that day for us to move into). As you will appreciate, this will create significant upheaval to the whole school, especially with it taking place in the winter months which means we are unable to organise PE-type activities for our children to take part in on the school field. We feel moving so many classes (13) during winter will pose far too great a health and safety risk to manage with our children being on site.

With this in mind, we have sought the approval of our governors to have an additional closure day to enable this wholescale reorganisation to be executed in a safe way for our children and for our staff team.

We are sure you will understand this situation is unavoidable.

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully,


Nicola Davies                                          Colin Lumbis                           Anita Mehan

Executive Headteacher                         Chair of Governors               Head of School