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Picture of Helen Darwood-Brown (Staff)
by Helen Darwood-Brown (Staff) - Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 2:38 PM

Following the recent successful visit from our good friends from Finland we are planning a return visit in September for our current year 4 and 5 children who will be in years 5 and 6. Our host families and our previous pupils have had fantastic experiences and built long-time friendships with Finnish pupils and their families. The dates we anticipate to be travelling are Tuesday 26th September and returning on Saturday 30th September 2017.

Our children will be staying, in pairs where possible, with pupils from the Finnish school and their families in Vastersundoms Skola, not too far from Helsinki, giving them the opportunity to experience family and school life in a different country. We may have a few parent   places to accompany the visit too if you are interested in joining us. The host families in Finland all speak good English and are very     welcoming.

The total cost of the trip will be £250-£300 (depending on flight prices at the time of booking) and will include a coach to and from   Gatwick airport, flights to and from Finland, all trips, accommodation and food whilst in Finland. Please note that if your child would like to go, then we are able to support you in setting up an agreed payment schedule extended up to December 2017.

We are only able to take a maximum of 10-12 pupils currently but this may possibly be able to be a few more should requests indicate this.  At the moment we are gauging who will be interested in accompanying us on the trip but realise there may be a greater demand than   places.  Places will therefore be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity which could be a once in a lifetime experience!