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Picture of Helen Darwood-Brown (Staff)
Safety Zone
by Helen Darwood-Brown (Staff) - Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 2:42 PM

Sutton Road Year 6 pupils have been lucky enough to be selected for a Fire and Rescue Safety Zone workshop at Ashfield Fire Station on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th June 2016.

The afternoon will involve the children participating in 8 workshops based around different elements of personal safety. Workshops will be led by representatives from the Fire Services, Police, Road Safety Team and the Ambulance Service; they will also be supervised by members of Sutton Road Staff.

The aims of the workshops will be to improve pupil’s awareness of the dangers surrounding these four areas and also to give them practical skills in order to deal with any unfortunate scenarios that could occur.

Pupils will be leaving at 12.00 so we will be having an early lunch.

The day will involve outdoor activities and the organisers have advised children bring coats in preparation for this. They have also been advised that all children need to wear closed-toe shoes on this day- not sandals. School uniform should also be worn.

The pupils are very lucky to be given this opportunity to take part in activities led by experienced personnel and we believe this will teach them important life skills for their futures.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Mitchell

 (Year 6 class teachers)